At Safari Group, we see our entire company as one big family. That is to say, we have an incredibly talented group of people that work hard together and play hard together.

We treat people fairly, with equal value given to all parts of our process. From Site Labourers and Office Support Staff to Quantity Surveyors and Project Managers, we are very grateful for the huge effort our team puts in daily.

The two most important things in any company do not appear in its balance sheet:
its reputation and its people

– Henry Ford


Robert Neil

Managing Director (LBP)

Robert is a licenced builder, founding member of Safari and all-round industry juggernaut. Highly engaged and exceptionally detailed, Rob is largely responsible for the strategic direction of all aspects of the business. From acquisitions to sales, there is no part of Safari that Rob doesn’t enjoy and understand intimately. When he’s not in meetings (which is rare), he can be found at Pakuranga Rugby Club, where he holds the distinguished position of Chairman.

Stephen Taylor

Director (LBP)

Steve is a licenced builder, second founding member of Safari and an engineering whiz kid. With a background in aircraft engineering, Steve pays attention to the details, applying this talent to ensuring the efficient and effective constructability of our projects. While Steve still plays a very active role at Safari, he has taken a well-earned step back (only on Fridays) to build an airplane (yes, an actual airplane).

Ian Pitham

Director of Finance (CA)

While accounting, cashflows, budgets and corporate regulations may not be everyone’s cup of tea, they are most definitely Ian’s. This early riser is invariably in the office before the sun comes up and remains long after it’s gone down, leading his team of bean counters in the never-ending quest to make sense of the numbers. Outside of work, you might see this human dynamo flying along a quiet country road on his bike, playing squash or on the farm with his Alpacas.

Damien Taylor

Director (BProp)

Analytical and entrepreneurial, Damien has considerable experience in the development industry and represents precisely one half of the next generation of Taylors. An integral part of the day to day operations at Safari, Damien is constantly reassessing the way we do things in a never-ending search to find a better way. He enjoys a beer (occasionally two) and pretty much every sport there is and in his spare time, you will find him off on an adventure with his young family.


Simon Taylor

Senior Development Manager/Director (BProp)

Representing the other half of The Taylors 2.0, Simon is creative and thoughtful, boasting significant experience in complicated mixed-use developments throughout North America. A natural planner with a keen eye for detail (read: slightly OCD), Simon thrives on the various challenges involved with property development. Outside of the office, you might find Simon on a road bike or patiently waiting outside a bouncy castle for his daughter Emma.

Josh Van Veen

Senior Development Manager/Director (BProp)

In addition to his good looks and likeable personality, Josh brings a tremendous wealth of industry experience in both construction and development to the table. From overseeing complicated projects to mentoring junior staff, there is nothing that this genuine multitasking machine cannot do, (and do well!). Outside of work hours, Josh can be found ripping down forestry roads on his mountain bike at remarkable pace (not so much pace up the hills)

Richard De Groot

Director of Construction (LBP)

Simply put, Rich has a staggering amount of construction experience that he draws upon daily to provide guidance and oversight to all construction related activities and personnel. From budgeting and sub-contractor agreements, through to programming and quality control, Rich loves the process and the relationships that are built along the way. If the sun is shining and the tide is high, you might catch a glimpse of Rich and his family as they approach the speed of sound on their jet ski.

Gareth Samuels

Senior Project Manager/Director (BCS,LBP)

Gareth thrives on the day to day management of big complicated construction projects, driving his projects forward with careful planning and sheer tenacity. Overseeing Quality Assurance and the Health & Safety programme, Gareth strives to ensure a consistently high standard is maintained across all projects, with all teams. Off the job, you’ll find this rugged construction worker spending quality time with his young family, or running very long distances for fun.