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Designing Lakecrest Queenstown

Recently we spoke to interior designers and longtime collaborators Outline Design about working on our latest development, Lakecrest Queenstown. 

Outline designers Victoria and Nina gave us the rundown on their design approach and inspiration.

How would you describe the design concept for the Lakecrest Queenstown interiors?

We had two different briefs resulting in two different concepts for the apartments and villas. For the apartments, we wanted to create a sense of retreat and comfort in the lively, action-packed city of Queenstown. The living, dining, and bedroom spaces all needed to express an inviting, comfortable tone with design features that will create a sense of refined sophistication. Whereas for the villas, the spaces are designed to create a home-away-from-home for families, and a well-functioning sanctuary for frequent visitors to Queenstown all year-round. We developed the interior design tone of relaxed sophistication with finishes that are seasonally suitable.

Image above: A living room concept for the Lakecrest villas.

Where did you get inspiration from?

For both the apartments and villas the interior design language was developed to be in harmony with the architecture. The building and interior design principles we used aimed to integrate balanced, linear, and rhythmic forms, creating a harmonious and timeless look. To develop the palettes for the finishes we drew inspiration from the natural environment. Queenstown has a textural, honest landscape with a range of tones that blend well into the selection of finishes. The Ebony and Ivory palettes were a play on the idea of classical piano keys that inspired the building’s façade.

How was it designing the interiors for a full residential project, opposed to the mixed use developments that Safari Group is known for?

Safari’s approach to this residential project was similar to their mixed-use developments, building a strong project team and having a clear vision in mind for the end-user. Overseeing the project they’ve encouraged a strong team dynamic, having great input in the overall design and planning.

Which part of the project have you both enjoyed working on the most?

We thoroughly enjoy working with Safari Group. We have a long-lasting relationship with them, working on a number of projects throughout New Zealand. When we heard that the next Safari project was located in the remarkable destination of Queenstown we were very excited!  We’ve really enjoyed working with the project team on Lakecrest Queenstown and developing a clear, shared vision of the overall scheme. Collectively, we’ve created a strong connection to the surrounding landscape of Queenstown, through the architecture and interior design. It’s been very rewarding seeing this project come to life, seeing the strong sense of place and connection it has with its incredible location.

How do you balance aesthetics and functionality in a project like Lakecrest?

When creating any project, it’s essential for us to understand the user’s needs. In this instance, the homeowners are the ultimate driver for balanced aesthetics and functionality. It is crucial to balance both and consider how the spaces are best utilised while also being visually appealing. The apartments are designed to be effective and user-friendly, focusing on the shared and personal spaces. This is in contrast to the Villas, which are more spacious, with large living spaces and functional kitchens and bathrooms. The interior finishes were developed alongside the space planning to ensure they met similar requirements. The design selections consider durability and usability while being both timeless and visually appealing.
Autumn Queenstown

Image above: Lake Hayes, Queenstown. 

What is your favourite thing about Queenstown?

We love Queenstown, it’s an exceptional destination all year round, but Autumn is our favourite. Sitting lakeside amongst the breathtaking colours is incredible. You’ll notice the palette finishes were heavily influenced by this.

About Lakecrest Queenstown

Lakecrest Villas & Apartments offer luxury living in the jewel of New Zealand’s crown – Queenstown. 

Both property types have been designed in perfect harmony with the stunning natural surroundings of Lake Whakatipu and the Southern Alps. Whether Lakecrest is to be your home, or home away from home, these properties will elevate your lifestyle to one of pure relaxation.

For more information visit lakecrestqueenstown.co.nz or talk to one of our friendly sales team at sales@safarigroup.co.nz