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September 2013
Safari Group Ltd is actively seeking development, construction and professional consulting opportunities around NZ. We are interested in opportunities with the following conditions:

Development Opportunities
  • Optimal project sizes are between $1,000,000 and $30,000,000, total development cost.
  • Projects that have a pressured vendor possibly due to an array of potential problems.
    • We are interested in J.V. type opportunities with financiers or other developers
    • We are interested in partly completed projects that have stopped due to financing complications
    • We are interested in projects ready to commence that current vendors can not make work for various reasons
    • We are interested in Development Land banking with the vision of executing the Development in the near future.
  • Projects will ideally have a Resource Consent. However this is not a set criteria.
    • Pending R/C and B/C are of interest.
  • Projects will ideally have an exit Strategy either in place or being executed.
    • Projects with pre-sales are of most interest
    • Projects with marketing strategies in place will be considered
    • Projects with end Lease option Tenants are of interest
    • Projects with end buyout purchasers are of interest.
  • Projects that we can add our construction and development experience to:
    • Ideally have some building content
    • Have potential to add value through restructuring of design
    • Have existing properties that need extending to suit an existing or new tenant.
  • Prefer to be in a great location.
    • Prime Auckland areas of most interest
    • Would prefer to stay away from fringe areas
    • Large Cities and Provincial areas with excellent opportunities are of most interest
  • We are interested in Residential, Commercial and Industrial project opportunities.

Investment Opportunities
  • Property Investment Opportunities where Vendors are under pressure and need a solution.

Construction Opportunities
  • Design and Build Construction Projects that we can take from concept through to completion to suit your specific requirements.

Professional Consultancy Opportunities
  • Design and Build Project Management that we can take from concept through to completion.
  • Joint venture contracting with receivers and liquidators to complete partly completed development and construction projects. This may include Safari Group becoming the developer, injecting equity or just managing and contracting through to completion.