Small space design ideas for comfortable living

Apartments offer convenient, affordable and secure living, but not as much space as you might be accustomed to if you are used to living in a house. 

However, you can still live comfortably without clutter – here are a few design ideas to maximise your small space.

1. Hang items up high

Floor space is precious in an apartment, so beautify your home without using up too much of the floor by hanging items up high. 

Objects like plants and lamps typically sit on the floor, but to save on space, opt for smaller, hanging versions like hanging plants and hanging lights. 

Another tip – if you hang things like plants, lights and artwork up higher than you normally would, it will draw the eyes upwards, making your apartment seem more roomy. 

2. Be clever with storage space

Storage space is a hot commodity in apartments, so finding ways to have a lot of things in not a lot of space is tricky. But it can be done!

Find items that are aesthetically pleasing but practical and have double uses.  For example, get a coffee table that has two tiers or storage drawers you can put your knick-knacks in; and rather than having bulky shelving, build yourself some floating shelves. 

With these, you can still have many shelves, but you’ll only take up some wall space, not the floor. Plus, it’s something a little different and will make your rooms look more interesting. 

3. Use lightweight furniture pieces

Visual weight is a key element in design and is especially important in small spaces. Get furniture that are light in colour and texture, are slim sizes, and small. These kinds of furniture will make your rooms feel much more airy and spacious than if you had heavy and dark furniture, which will make your rooms seem more compact than they actually are.

Narrow and long tables and rugs, lightweight sofas and chairs, and light and bright furnishings are some of the best items to create a visually appealing home.

4. Become a minimalist

People have a bad habit of collecting things and then hardly ever using it. Apartments don’t allow for the build up of unused clothes, furniture and accessories, so before moving to an apartment, it’s a good idea to donate all your unused items. 

Professional organiser Marie Kondo’s famous method is to throw away the things that no longer spark joy in you. This is particularly useful for those living in apartments, so why not give it a go if you’re in need of extra space?

So, although apartments can seem small at first glance, certain design tricks can help create the illusion that your apartment has as much space as a house. Hanging items up high; being clever with storage space; using lightweight furniture and implementing a minimalist mindset will all help to make apartment living feel comfortable and spacious.  

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