Ramada Hotel and Suites Queenstown comprises 131 premium serviced apartment suites. To ensure maximum returns to investors and flexibility for the operator to drive revenue, some of the units are designed to provide dual key options. This property is branded and franchised by the Wyndham Hotel Group, the world’s largest hotel group, under the Ramada brand.

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Time is Money

Share on facebook Share on google Share on twitter Share on linkedin Time is Money As they say, time is money, but time is also so much more valuable than just money One of the many observations I have made on the development world, is just how long things can take. The development process takes time, there is a lot of red tape and many boxes to tick along the journey. This won’t be news to most, and while many of the steps are necessary, a lot, are avoidable, redundant or just take far longer than they should or could, all of which results in throwing money into a bottomless pit. And while it might be generally assumed that “The Developer” simply raises prices on homes to recoup the time and money lost, it very rarely works like this, if at all.*1 One of the key ingredients to ensure the success of a project is finding the most streamlined way to successfully navigate the process and reach the finish line. This shouldn’t be taken to mean cutting corners, as choosing this path will negatively impact quality or bring unnecessary risk to the project, which in the end will ironically slow you down. There are no short cuts in life to achieve successful results. You must put in the work, whatever your chosen profession might be. In the development world, being smart about how you approach your work and reviewing and re calibrating the critical path daily, can ultimately be the

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Well done NZ!

Share on facebook Share on google Share on twitter Share on linkedin Well Done NZ! As a nation, we have benefited from our geographical separation, decisive leadership and the general Kiwi approach to life, which in turn has insulated us from a full on Covid-19 assault to our health system. Without intending to sound smug, and respecting the fact that this isn’t over, we all know that NZ is a pretty good spot to be right now. But perhaps more importantly, so does the rest of the world. If we cast our minds back to earlier this year, we were all witnessing record turnout to auctions and sales prices that pushed well beyond the somewhat arbitrary reference point that is the Capital Value. The media was constantly proclaiming to the nation that the market was hot and having attended several auctions myself, (and missing out every house I liked), I would have to agree. People were moving forward, purchasing real estate with conviction and participating in what felt like a frenzy, presumably spurred on by the obvious lack of supply within the market. Fast-forward a few months, and while we all accept that the world has changed, it’s difficult to understand exactly what this might mean for real estate investment. Could Covid-19 have simply eradicated the housing shortfall and affordability crisis? Had it even managed to disprove the fairly robust relationship between supply and demand? While there is no doubt that the NZ economy, is heading into uncharted territory, I